Body To Body Massage

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Prices Of The Body-to-Body Massage Session

30 min 1 400 Kč 62 €
60 min 1 900 Kč 83 €
90min 2 800 Kč 113 €
120min 4 000 Kč 175 €
30 min 2 500 Kč 110 €
60 min 3 300 Kč 145 €
90min 4 500 Kč 197 €
120min 6 000 Kč 263 €

The course of the massage:

About body to body massage:

Have you ever had an erotic massage? There are different types of massages that will make you feel good. Classic massages and erotic massages each have their own way of feeling satisfied. But if you want to try something even more exciting, there are other types of massages that can take you to the next level. 


Have you ever heard of body to body erotic massage? 


This is when the masseuse uses her whole body including private parts to massage your body with warm oil. It can be really nice and make you feel even better. A body to body massage that goes straight from one place to another, unlike any other massage you’ve had before! It is important to explain how this special type of massage works. You can’t start right away when you request a massage. You have to take things one step at a time. After you request a massage, the first thing you do is shower with the person doing the massage. It’s a nice way to relax. You will then move on to the next part where the erotic masseuse uses her body to massage you. You both go into a special bed called a futon where you can lie down however you like. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. At this point, you can do the thing that excites you the most.


 This is called the Body-to-Body method. 


The masseuse who is massaging you will use her own body to massage you using warm oils. The oils help their bodies slide over yours and you can enjoy the massage until the end. The masseuse giving the massage will be naked and you can touch her. During the massage, you will start doing different things that will make you feel really good and happy. After the erotic massage, the masseuse uses her hands and body to massage your private parts. They target both the penis and testicles. 


They massage until you climax. If there is still time, they can give you more massages and the number of climaxes is not limited.


See you at the massage, salon FOR YOU.

Body to body massage uses massage oil instead of nuru gel and also differs slightly in technique. But both will give you the same pleasure!
Yes, if you want to give an unusual gift to a friend, acquaintance or someone close to you, you can buy them a voucher for an erotic massage at our parlor.

During the tantric body2body massage, a special massage oil is used, which is pleasant to the skin and easy to wash off.

The easiest way is to order a thai b2b massage through the booking form here on the page. But we also accept orders by e-mail, by phone, or via online chat.

We accept guests even without a prior reservation, and some of the masseuses present will be happy to take care of you. However, it is not 100% certain that they will not be busy. it is therefore safer to make a reservation in advance.