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Prices of Pussycat Massage in Prague

30 min 1 800 Kč 79 €
60 min 2 400 Kč 105 €
90min 3 400 Kč 148 €
120min 4 400 Kč 192 €
30 min 2 800 Kč 122 €
60 min 4 500 Kč 196 €
90min 5 500 Kč 240 €
120min 10 000 Kč 439 €

The course of the massage:

About pussycat massage:

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of erotic pussycat massage in Prague. Men in particular find these techniques very pleasant and effective for relaxation. It is important to be clear that erotic massages are not considered acts of infidelity, but rather a means of achieving a state of tranquility. If you share an interest in erotic massages, it is highly likely that you have not yet discovered the concept of cat massage. If so, I encourage you to dive into the following paragraph at your own pace. Pussycat massages include a diverse range of erotic massage techniques, combining them into a unique and highly sought-after experience. This is no surprise, given the number of benefits it offers.

What is the result of Pussycat massage?

Before discussing specific points, it is necessary to emphasize the possibility of participating in a complex body massage with a masseuse. This unique experience, different from the traditional massage, consists of massaging in the position known as 69, where the climax is also reached. Now let’s dive into the mechanics of this massage to give you a comprehensive understanding of the process. As is customary with any other erotic massage, the masseuse invites you to shower together not only before the session, but also after it. This exclusive opportunity to relax alone can leave you in awe. The joint shower serves as a rejuvenating experience, replenishing energy reserves in preparation for the main segment of the erotic massage. You will then move to the futon, where a skilled masseuse will provide you with a body-to-body massage. It is worth noting that the masseuse will be undressed and you are allowed to touch her according to certain instructions that she will explain to you. Depending on your level of courage, you can choose to gently caress her or hold her tightly. In addition, as already mentioned, one of the advantages of this massage is the possibility to engage in intimate kissing with the masseuse. With heightened expectations, you approach the final stage of the erotic massage, skipping the already mentioned shared shower.

What is the ultimate goal of Pussycat massage?

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! The final aspect of this therapeutic procedure is the stimulation of the male genitalia, specifically the penis and testicles, performed in the context of position 69. It is worth noting that the peak of pleasure is reached in this position. The experience is not limited to a single climax, so the extent of pleasure one gets from this massage is entirely up to them.

This particular massage prides itself on being one of the most popular and sought after treatments available.

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Yes, during a pussycat massage you are not only allowed to touch the masseuse all over her body, but you are even allowed to kiss her!

You do not need to prepare in any way for our massage. Come visit us sober and in good spirits and your masseuse will take care of everything else.

The photos of our masseuses are 100% genuine, we never lure customers with fake profiles of girls.

We only accept Euros and Czech crowns as payment for our services, we are not considering other currencies for the time being.

You can come without a reservation and one of the currently available masseuses will be happy to attend to you. However, we cannot guarantee that the masseuses will not be busy, so it is safer to book your procedure in advance.