Erotic massage master

We invite attractive girls over 18 years old. Work exclusively in the salon, strictly without sex and without trips. Flexible schedule, consistent pay. Work experience is not required! Fill out the form below or give us a call to schedule an interview.

Requirements for the master of erotic massage

Advantages of working in "FOR YOU"​

Our requirements:

Benefits of a masseuse job at For You salon:

  • Decent salary level. Labor that requires attention and experience on the part of the master is well paid. Therefore, the girls working for us do not need money. They can afford not only the essentials, but also the things that all women dream of. We understand that funds are needed to maintain the beauty of the body and face.
  • Massage training. Experienced craftsmen will be happy to teach the beginner the techniques and features of working with clients. What is important is the professionalism of movements, technique, the ability to find a common language with guests.
  • Convenient work schedule. The girl can independently choose a convenient time for work. Changes are agreed in advance with management. This is most welcome for girls who are still studying and attending an educational institution. In the FOR YOU salon, a vacancy for a masseuse will allow you to earn good money without missing classes at the university.
  • Lots of free time. We are not attached to the schedule from morning to evening. The employee chooses when the weekend is. That will allow you to visit fitness centers, carrying out care manipulations.
    Good team.
  • The salon staff are friendly and accommodating. It is really easy to communicate in our team. You may be able to find new friends. Masseuses are about the same age, which allows you to quickly find a common language. Passion for a common cause brings together, creating conditions for the formation of a friendly team.
  • Safety. The salon does not offer intimate services, so the girl is safe. The institution has a security that controls the situation, resolving contentious issues.
    We are interested in returning guests. Therefore, the vacancies of a masseuse without experience imply high-quality work. The ability to accommodate a guest is the key to building a permanent client base.

Candidate requirements:

  1. Age from 18 years old. We do not work with minors, the work involves close communication with the client.
  2. The girl should have a pleasant appearance, a well-groomed figure. The beauty of masseuses is very important for the guests of our salon. It’s nice to be served by a gorgeous young girl.
  3. Teamwork. Programs include joint practices of masseuses to meet the needs of the guest.
  4. Non-conflict, sociability, and friendliness. The work involves communication on personal topics, excluding complexes. Preference is given to liberated candidates. This will help guests who come to the session for the first time to relax faster and feel the pleasure associated with touch and communication.
  5. Flexibility, the ability to adapt to the situation. Certain salon programs involve games of power exchange. It is desirable for a girl to be able to transform from a gentle cat into a strict lady.

    If you meet all the above requirements, be sure to contact our salon. For You can become a great place to work, allowing you to develop and gain experience. This is a great opportunity to develop communication skills, to study psychology. The work will allow you to get a good income and invaluable life experience.