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Couple erotic massage

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Prices Of Couple Erotic Massage

60 min 3 200 Kč 140 €
90min 4 000 Kč 175 €
120min 5 200 Kč 228 €
60 min 4 000 Kč 175 €
90min 5 600 Kč 246 €
120min 7 400 Kč 325 €
Would you like to bring a new spark to your everyday routine? Erotic massage for couples will certainly keep both of you away from boredom!

Erotic Massage For Couples in Prague

After a while, you might think you know your partner and his/her body well. Did your relationship in the intimate sphere slip into boring habits and routines? Take this chance to light the passion on again. Two beautiful masseuses will take care of you and your partner at the same time. You will have a unique opportunity to discover something new about each other! Observe your partner’s reaction and remember the kind of touch and place he/he enjoys the most! Watch him/her getting excited and reaching the top of the bliss. Then it will be much easier to transmit the erotic vibe also back home!

Why Choose Us

Do you like spontaneous ideas? We do! Therefore, we are open 24/7, ready for any erotic massage you wish!
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Our Erotic Masseuses

During the massage for couples, you can enjoy the company of two masseuses or one masseuse and one masseur. The decision is totally up to you!

Choose the masseurs that inspire you the most! It won’t be easy – they are all hot professionals!

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The Course Of Erotic Massage For Couples in Prague

Your unforgettable experience in our luxurious venue is about to start. What can you expect?

Would you like to personalize your couple’s massage? We are here to satisfy your desires! Don’t hesitate to ask us to include Nuru massage elements or some of our extra services!
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Use the opportunity to save money by visiting us during our Happy hours! Don’t forget we also offer exciting discounts for any 90-minute massage.
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We always prepare our massages so that everyone is satisfied. What we will or will not do is entirely up to our prior agreement.
We often provide massages for couples at clients’ homes, all over Prague. We will be happy to discuss more details with you.
Our masseuses and masseurs do not provide direct sex. However, as part of a couple massage, they will be happy to give you a moment in private with your partner, during which you can do whatever you see fit.
If you want to reciprocate some of the gentle touches of your masseuse or masseur, go for it – it’s not a problem.
Yes, all photos and the information is genuine, you will not find fake profiles in our gallery.