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Prices Of Couple Erotic Massage

60 min 3 200 Kč 140 €
90min 4 000 Kč 175 €
120min 5 200 Kč 228 €
60 min 4 000 Kč 175 €
90min 5 600 Kč 246 €
120min 7 400 Kč 325 €

The course of the massage:

About couple massage:

Do you find erotic massages individually unattractive? Have you ever thought of experiencing an erotic massage with your partner? If your partner allows it, it can be a rewarding experience. You may be wondering why. The answer is quite simple: you have the opportunity to come for a couple’s erotic massage, which combines different massage techniques for a period of your choice. It can be compared to a tempting mixture, where you can expect both a relaxing erotic massage and an intimate body-to-body massage at the same time. The choice of what you want from a masseuse is ultimately entirely up to you. Choosing a sensual couples massage in Prague is an excellent and carefully considered decision. Before planning erotic massages, it is important to carefully choose the masseuse/masseuses who will attend to you. You will probably opt for the third option, which includes both a male and a female masseuse. This particular option is widely popular with couples looking for an intimate and sensual erotic massage experience. This is understandable, as men often prefer a female masseuse, while women prefer a male masseuse. In addition, you may be surprised to discover that during a couples massage there is a soothing moment when you are given total privacy, allowing for a truly intimate and personal experience. In this intimate experience, you will also be treated to a complimentary bottle of champagne, which is included in the price.

But let’s think about the initial stages.

A couple’s erotic massage begins with a joint shower, which is conducted alongside the masseuse, or in the case of the recipient with the masseuse. Every sensual erotic massage always starts with this joint shower, stimulating the senses and the body. You will then be guided to a couch where you will receive a body-to-body massage. An experienced masseuse will gently glide over your body using soothing natural oils.

The message is beyond this point!

As already mentioned, erotic massage for couples includes different types of massages, reminiscent of a fusion of sensual experiences. Therefore, it is appropriate to discuss the concept of couple erotic massage, which has a similar structure to classical massage. As the session progresses, the masseuse and masseuse gradually explore more intimate areas, resulting in peak sensations for both parties. There is no limit to the number of orgasms experienced. After the massages, a truly delightful moment awaits, which we also mentioned.

Take a few moments alone and engage intimately with your partner and take the opportunity to create cherished and everlasting memories together.

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Salon FOR YOU.

We always prepare our massages so that everyone is satisfied. What we will or will not do is entirely up to our prior agreement.
We often provide massages for couples at clients’ homes, all over Prague. We will be happy to discuss more details with you.
Our masseuses and masseurs do not provide direct sex. However, as part of a couple massage, they will be happy to give you a moment in private with your partner, during which you can do whatever you see fit.
If you want to reciprocate some of the gentle touches of your masseuse or masseur, go for it – it’s not a problem.
Yes, all photos and the information is genuine, you will not find fake profiles in our gallery.