The interior of the FOR YOU erotic massage parlor in Prague will delight you with its calm, relaxing interior, so that you can relax both your body and soul. No matter what, the atmosphere for each of us is an important factor, since your calmness and mood is an important moment for an erotic massage.

Large cozy rooms, comfortable and comfortable beds, large bathrooms, fully equipped for your comfort await you. A hot tub and a beautiful girl in it, this is exactly what a man needs, for his relaxation. So there is no need to invite a girl to your home, to a sauna or to a rented apartment, we have everything!

In the salon of erotic massage “FOR YOU” you can watch a lesbian show, striptease, relax during a body massage or combine everything together, because we have endless possibilities for your pleasure! Erotic massage salon in Prague opens its doors for you, your friends and your soul mates! You can dilute a wonderful evening with delicious cocktails, champagne or hookah! We will be happy to see you in the found salon.

You can find currently available masseuses and the times when they could attend you displayed in the schedule section.
During an erotic massage, you and the masseuse are naked, for an additional fee she can eventually dress in sexy lingerie.
You can also visit our salon without a reservation. One of the masseuses who will be present at the moment will take care of you.
Sex is not a part of our offer and we do not provide it as part of an erotic massage under any circumstances.
Touching the masseuse is allowed, some massages even include kissing.