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30 min 1 600 Kč 67 €
60 min 2 000 Kč 84 €
90min 3 000 Kč 125 €
120min 4 000 Kč 167 €
30 min 2 800 Kč 116 €
60 min 3 400 Kč 141 €
90min 4 900 Kč 204 €
120min 6 400 Kč 266 €

Mix Massage includes

About mix massage: 

Are you looking for deep relaxation or rejuvenation with a special interest in the art of erotic massage? You can be sure that there is a wide variety of massage techniques to choose from, each suited to your individual preferences. The choice ultimately depends on your knowledge and comfort level with the realm of erotic massage. If you have already indulged in the pleasure of a traditional erotic massage, you may want to consider venturing into more daring realms, such as the enticing realm of Body-To-Body massages. For those who desire an even more stimulating experience, an erotic mix massage and relaxing massage in Prague is ​​a tempting option, similar to the well-known pussycat massage, although without the possibility of kissing the masseuse. However, it should be noted that the final segment
massage does not include a favored position 69.

Find comfort in the same plane or position.

The enticing mixture begins with the timeless ritual of showering together, an essential element of every massage in love. This beautiful introduction serves to induce a sense of calm relaxation. Subsequently, the scene changes to the futon, where the opening phase of the massage reveals the captivating art of the Body-To-Body technique. For those who do not know this form of massage, allow us the pleasure of shining through its essence. Beneath the surface lies a sensual exchange as the masseuse gracefully undresses, giving you the freedom to explore her form as you wish. However, it is essential that you get a thorough explanation of boundaries to ensure that decency is maintained within these intimate caresses. The body-to-body massage is enhanced by the soothing touch of warm natural oils that create a wonderful friction between your body and the skilled hands of the masseuse. After this invigorating experience, the masseuse expertly combines various sensual massages, including classic erotic massage, lingam massage and the option of penis massage. During this time, the body-to-body massage also continues, ensuring a varied and fulfilling experience. As the session draws to a close, the masseuse will focus on massaging the private parts, specifically the penis and testicles, until the climax phase is reached.

The possibilities for highlight moments are endless!

In the field of sensual massages there is a unique advantage: the possibility of achieving an endless series of peak moments. If one wishes to indulge in more than a solitary peak of pleasure, there is no judgment or disapproval. Surrender to the euphoria and caress of a masseuse with many years of experience. We propose to indulge in the art of massage, where various therapeutic techniques intertwine to create a truly unique and complex sensory journey.

Of course, during an erotic massage it is customary for both you and your masseuse to be completely naked.
Climax is a normal part of an erotic massage, you don’t have to worry about missing out on it.
No, direct sex is not a regular part of an erotic massage and we do not offer it in our salon.
Four-handed massages are possible here, so feel free to order two masseuses at the same time!
Of course, our massages happen in complete privacy of a secluded room. You won’t be meeting other clients, so don’t worry about being seen by someone you know.