Lesbi-show Massage

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Prices of Lesbi-show Massage

60 min 4 000 Kč 175 €
90min 5 500 Kč 241 €
120min 7 000 Kč 307 €

The course of the massage:

 About lesbi-show massage:

Can you imagine a massage experience where you will be luxuriously cared for by the skillful touch of four hands? If not, let us introduce you to one of them. Afterwards, you will convince yourself that you will not regret this experience, but rather want to visit again or indulge in it immediately. Massage lesbian show will exactly fulfill the most demanding wishes of every man. At the same time, you will find yourself relaxed and excited.


Let’s dive deeper into this remarkable erotic encounter.


A demonstration of loving contact between two masseuses, including an erotic massage or the gentle touch of four hands. In addition to massages, a free bottle of champagne is included in the price. This particular type of erotic massage involves the participation of two experienced masseuses who not only provide massages but also engage in playful interactions with each other. This will allow you to witness an enthralling lesbian performance that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The lesbian massage show begins with a joint shower with the participation of both masseuses.


Are you looking forward to this unique meeting? Fantastic, you certainly have a reason for it!


In addition, the simultaneous touch of both masseuses will undoubtedly increase your desires significantly. You have the freedom to choose your preferred masseuses based on your personal preferences. Do you prefer the services of newly trained masseuses or masseuses with years of experience? Our massages begin with a refreshing shared shower that creates anticipation that sets the stage for a truly stimulating experience. Subsequently, our skilled masseuses smoothly transition to the offer of erotic massages. It is important to note that we provide a unique experience of four hands working in unison to offer a rush of wonderful sensations. If you are not quite ready for such an intense pleasure, there is no need to worry. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with unlimited climax possibilities. Finally, you can look forward to witnessing enticing and exciting interactions between our erotic masseuses. Treat yourself to a sophisticated and exciting experience of a complete erotic massage with a fascinating display of lesbian affection. Treat yourself to a massage lesbian show until its last moments, as it is guaranteed to induce deep contemplation and ease all worldly cares. A notable advantage lies in your ability to choose from a diverse range of masseuses to suit your individual preferences. Men in particular often place emphasis on various criteria from age and appearance to demeanor. Of course, the final decision depends on which priorities you value most.


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Salon FOR YOU.

Yes, your masseuses are completely naked during the massage. For an additional fee, they can wear exciting lingerie for your pleasure.
During a lesbi show massage, both masseuses will of course pay close attention to you. Unlike a four-handed massage, however, they also play with each other and treat you to an exciting show that you can also enjoy as a spectator.
If the masseuse is currently available, you can choose any girl from our gallery that you like for your massage.
It depends on your choice, for the lesbi show you can choose between 60, 90 and 120 minute options.
Yes, you can touch your masseuses during a lesbi show massage, even in intimate places.