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Prices of gay massage

60 min 2 200 Kč 96 €
90min 3 200 Kč 140 €
120min 4 200 Kč 184 €
60 min 3 700 Kč 162 €
90min 5 200 Kč 228 €
120min 6 800 Kč 298 €

The course of the massage:

Why try an erotic gay massage in Prague?

Do you want to revive your love life and explore new experiences? Tired of the monotony of everyday life and longing for something different? If you’re looking for more than just a regular massage, consider indulging in erotic gay massages tailored to your needs. During this intimate experience, it is completely normal to be undressed, while our experienced masseur wears enticing underwear to enhance the overall atmosphere. The session begins with a focus on back massage, paying special attention to your private parts. Using his skilled hands, the masseur performs gentle and soothing movements, creating a truly pleasant experience. Some massage masseur may also incorporate their own unique techniques. A gay massage usually begins with a light and relaxing massage, accompanied by aromatic oils to induce a peaceful atmosphere. To further immerse your senses, relaxing music is played, recommended by the masseur, or you can bring your own favorite tunes. By surrendering to the skilled hands of a masseur, you will be pampered and rewarded with an unforgettable feeling.

The main directions of Gay massage include a unique approach of masseurs that focuses on specific areas.

During an erotic gay massage, attention is paid to the buttocks, thighs (including the inner side), nipples and other favorite places. In addition, other parts of your body such as the back, neck, arms, legs, feet, abdomen and chest are also thoroughly massaged. Masseurs are skilled in providing anal massage, which is considered one of the most pleasurable aspects of the experience. Upon request, the young and attractive masseur will also attend to your most intimate parts and gently stimulate them to induce total relaxation and intense pleasant sensations. It envelops your body in a wonderful array of pleasure, relaxation and overall satisfaction.
Experience a deep sense of joy and satisfaction after a blissful massage.

After a gay massage, you will experience a deep sense of comfort.

Your entire body will feel revitalized and rejuvenated, as if filled with renewed vitality. This erotic massage will not only recharge you mentally and physically, but also wash away all traces of stress, leaving you with a clear mind and a feeling of inner peace. It’s akin to consuming a magical elixir that restores youth and improves your overall well-being. Thanks to the harmonious combination of a calm environment, a skilled masseur and expertly executed movements and touches, this gay massage promises to be one of the unforgettable experiences of your life. If you are interested in what you have discovered about gay massage in Prague, we recommend that you take the opportunity to use our exceptional services in our salon FOR YOU.

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