Chocolate Massage

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Prices of Chocolate Massage

60 min 2 200 Kč 96 €
90min 3 200 Kč 140 €
120min 4 200 Kč 184 €
60 min 3 700 Kč 162 €
90min 5 200 Kč 228 €
120min 6 800 Kč 298 €

The course of the massage:

Chocolate Massage - What Is It?

Are u tired of all the usual and banal erotic massages, but do you want to try something unusual and new? Then try the “Erotic Chocolate Massage” where you can experience pleasure and feel the taste of vacation. Indeed, in the modern world there is not enough vacation. Yes, a person who awakens pleasant memories and immerses himself in sweet bliss, learns a new taste! Treat yourself to a sweet life with this erotic massage. A beautiful masseuse who will be making you a massage will make u relax as much as possible and send you to the heaven with happiness.

Premium erotic chocolate massage in Prague is a pleasant, sensual, and relaxing procedure. The girl caresses the body like warm chocolate and awakens a feeling of flight and happiness in it.

Erotic chocolate massage is incredibly useful, it perfectly tones and rejuvenates the male skin and body, and also helps to remove psychological problems and blocks. The massage is not performed point by point, but holistically, stimulating the entire body. Thanks to erotic massage, the male body will breathe in a new way, life will sparkle with new colors and emotions will be permanently positive, the mood will improve, the outlook on life will change for the better; endorphins will be produced, stress and fatigue will disappear.

We operate non-stop throughout the year, 24 hours a day.
Yes, the so-called four-handed massages are a regular part of our offer.
You can order an outcall massage anywhere in Prague. Within 20-30 minutes, your chosen masseuse can be there.