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Nuru Massage

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Nuru Massage - Prices

30 min 1 500 Kč 66 €
60 min 2 000 Kč 88 €
90min 3 000 Kč 132 €
120min 4 000 Kč 175 €
60 min 3 500 Kč 154 €
90min 4 800 Kč 211 €
120min 6 500 Kč 285 €
What is the most sensual erotic massage? Many would agree on Nuru massage – a traditional Japanese ritual full of exciting incredible erotic tension. It’s time to discover all the reasons why it is so unique on your skin!

Nuru Massage - What It Is

Why you should get this erotic massage in Prague? What makes it so special?

Nuru massage is a body-to-body massage. Can you imagine it already? A wonderful naked masseuse uses her entire body to massage yours! She slides and glides each centimeter of her body over you, presses gently and focuses on the most erogenous zones. She’s so close! To help her move fluently she uses a special massage gel called nuru, which includes nori seaweed, natural components: extract of chamomile and aloe vera, moisturizers. The sexual energy in the air can’t be higher!

Our Erotic Masseuses Available for Nuru Massage in Prague

Check out the gallery of our beautiful masseuses. Do you prefer curvy or lean types? Sweet blonde, elegant brunette, or wild red hair? We are sure you will find a girl fitting your taste!

Our girls are the most beautiful in the city! Come to meet them personally. We are open 24/7 and always ready to satisfy your dreams.
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The Course of Prague Nuru Massage

Come to our luxurious avenue and leave all the stress behind the door. This waits for you!

Nuru massage is one of our gentlemen’s favorites! Discover our wide selection of erotic massages in Prague and find your number one.
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Spice up Our Czech Nuru Massage With Extra services

We believe that individual approach and personalized services are the best! Therefore you offer you a chance to spice up the massage if you desire! Do you wish to start the session with a private dance? Would you like to add French kissing? Let’s do it!

Get a Better Price

Don’t forget you can always get a better price! We offer you a chance to benefit from various discounts. It is valid for any kind of massage, whether you choose Nuru, Lingam massage, or even BDSM massage!

Located in the heart of Prague, easily accessible, absolutely discreet, and with highly professional services. Waste no more time with average parlors and get directly to the best one!
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Nuru gel is a special slippery seaweed gel that gave nuru massage its name. The gel allows the masseuse’s body to glide smoothly over yours. It doesn’t stain and has no smell, you can easily wash it off in the shower after the massage.
Nuru massage involves a lot of close body-to-body contact. Your massager will glide smoothly and rub against your body thanks to the special slippery gel. The massage takes place on the stomach and on the back, and you will both be naked during it.
You can book your massage using the form here on the website, but bookings by phone, e-mail or online chat are possible as well.
Nuru massage is sometimes called “sex without sex” due to the degree of mutual contact when compared to other massages. Here the masseuse involves her whole body to touch you, which makes nuru all the more exciting.
Our salon is open all year round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.