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Prices of Lingam Massage

30 min 1 800 Kč 79 €
60 min 2 400 Kč 105 €
90min 3 400 Kč 148 €
120min 4 400 Kč 192 €

The course of the massage:

About lingam massage:

The term erotic massage can be understood as a form of relaxation. When you’re feeling low or you’ve had a hard day at work, there’s no better way to relax than to treat yourself to a quality erotic massage. Among the various types of erotic massages available, the lingam erotic massage in Prague focused specifically on the penis, stands out. Unlike sensual massage, which involves the whole body, this particular technique focuses only on the intimate area.

What exactly does this massage entail, aside from the obvious focus on the penis massage in Prague?

Let us elaborate. The practice known as lingam massage, also referred to as penile massage, has the potential for deeper contemplation and reflection on the subject. After choosing a masseuse, you go to the shared shower. Even this simple act of cleansing can bring a deep sense of relaxation. Imagine the soothing sensation of water flowing over you and through the massager. From there, you will go to the next stage, where the masseuse will carefully care for your intimate parts, including your testicles, using warm natural oil. This wonderful warmth envelops you and momentarily washes away any worries or troubles. The masseuse remains naked throughout the massage, adding another layer of allure to the overall experience. During the whole process, you will enjoy looking at the fascinating figure of your chosen masseuse. Among other aspects, the tactile sensation is a significant component. It is important to respect boundaries and focus only on providing comfort without causing any discomfort. In such circumstances, the massage can be closed. The masseuse will continue the massage until you reach a state of increased pleasure (climax). Similar to other erotic massages, there is no limit to the number of climaxes that can be achieved. We assure you that the duration of the massage will not be unexpectedly shortened. The level of satisfaction derived from this experience will ultimately be determined by your own engagement and enjoyment.

Exciting shared shower or eye contact in the shower

At the end, you can expect a meaningful shared shower, where lingering sensations from the masseuse’s touches are still felt.

Undoubtedly, the desire to visit again and experience the full erotic massage experience will be strong.

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You can also gift our erotic massage to your acquaintances, friends or colleagues, it’s no problem!
A tantric massage usually focuses on your entire body. During a lingam massage, only your intimate parts are massaged, although the techniques used are based on tantric massage as well.
The main principle of lingam massage is the delaying of pleasure. Your masseuse will alternate the intensity of the stimulation of your intimate parts, gently teasing you and gradually increasing the erotic tension to its very limit. The power of the final climax will be all the greater, once the accumulated erotic energy is given free rein.
Yes, you can touch the masseuse, although with a lingam massage you usually just need to relax and let the masseuse take care of you. If you’re primarily interested in mutual touching, we have plenty of other massages that are more suited to that purpose.
Lingam massage is not only about the intense erotic pleasure. It also teaches you to control and work with erotic energy and to be more receptive to it. Thanks to it, you can learn to both receive and give pleasure much better than before.